Due to issue with our milkshake machine, our thick shakes are temporarily unavailable.


If you have any food allergies, please call us before ordering for details.

Ketchup Sachet £0.10
Vinegar Sachet £0.10
Mustard Sachet £0.10
Tomato Dip £0.45
Garlic Mayo Dip £0.45
BBQ Dip £0.45
Sweet 'n' Sour Dip £0.45
Small Pot Ketchup £0.80
Small Pot Mayonnaise £0.80
Small Pot Garlic Mayo £0.80
Small Pot Chilli Mayo £0.80
Small Pot Burger Sauce £0.80
Small Pot BBQ Sauce £0.80
Small Pot Kebab Chilli Sauce £0.80
Small Pot Yoghurt Sauce £0.80
Large Pot Mayonnaise £1.50
Large Pot Garlic Mayonnaise £1.50
Large Pot Chilli Mayo £1.50